Steelweb Platform is a true one stop for all your steel detailing projects!

Developed in-house, the Platform is a real-time Project Management Tool that we created to help us track all project documentation at any time. It houses current and past projects including all data associated with submittals, RFIs, design revisions and, crucially, drawings. It was such a beneficial tool for us that we wanted to share it with our customers too, and today the Platform has become a game changer.

Accessible from any computer and mobile device through a regular browser, whether you’re on site, the shop floor or on a meeting with your stakeholders, you can find the important details with just a few clicks







An auto generated form is sent to the Project Manager at the beginning of each job, capturing all of the basic information required to set up the model and early coordination efforts.


Designed to handle document exchange, including up-to-date drawings, reports and fabrication files, while keeping track of schedules. Each package contains an auto generated Project Status and RFI report plus a Transmittal Letter.


All RFIs produced by us are tracked by their status. From an auto generated cover page to color coded weekly reports in your mailbox, this was one of the most important additions to the Platform and can help with project auditing.


All drawings for a submittal issued from the Packages tab end up here. This page allows for quick preview, downloading and even revision tracking, with corresponding metadata.


ind all drawing revisions which allows for quicker turnaround and approval, through a list of revisions with their impact on workflow.

Customer Portal - Every single one of our partners has a dedicated section with a personal login to the Platform where they can access and see their related projects. In just moments they can find the Project Leader per project, the status and progress on a particular job and all project contents.

Additionally, the WorkLoad tab provides ease in locating the project schedule, contact information with phone numbers and emails as well as the Shop Standards applicable for the particular project.

The Platform has become the backbone to productivity at Steelweb. It is used on a daily basis by all employees, so it’s fair to say it has heavily impacted the way we work.

From client communication, document control and task assignment, it is truly unique across the industry. When you partner with Steelweb you will see the benefits after just one project.


With partner feedback, our Platform undergoes regular improvements with new functions being added while existing functionalities are measured and their performance and usability analyzed.

Real time access to drawing packages
All RFIs generated are captured in one location
Information ready for customers auditing process

If You need more information or professional advice.
We would be happy to answer all your questions!

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